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Byron Bay    Kitchen Renovations


Byron Bay is set on the picturesque coast of northern New South Wales only 53km from the Queensland boarder. While classified as a small city it boasts all the amenities you would ever need without the chaotic traffic; it’s the prime location for anyone looking to get away from the major cities and wanting a tropical beach setting.

The rich history of Byron Bay dates back to the 1880s when European permanently settled there bringing with them their architecture and design. Some of these houses remain and are in high demand and offer what many known as the ‘renovators dream’; but no dream can be complete without the perfect kitchen.

Whether you want to keep an authentic feel or modernise the inside of the home it all starts with the kitchen. The kitchen is often a centre piece and lays the foundation for the entire renovation process of these timeless homes in Byron Bay; that’s where ‘Alstonville Kitchens’ comes in.

We offer everything from start to finish of the kitchen renovation process; and when we say start to end we mean it.

We’ll start with a consultation to understand your vision, get a measure and quote done before guiding you all the way through to the installation of your dream kitchen.

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